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Yellow sapphire is called ‘Pukhraj’ in Hindi. It belongs to corundum species. Sapphire comes in all colors, like Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj), Blue sapphire (Neelam), Pink Sapphire, Purple Sapphire etc. If color is not specified, Sapphire means Blue Sapphire. Red variety of corundum is given a special name – Ruby. So, all Color Sapphires including Ruby belongs to corundum species. Corundum also includes Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, Color Changing Sapphires & very desirable Pink-Orange Color Sapphire called ‘Padparadscha’

Properties of Yellow Sapphire

  • Hardness: 9 (Moh’s scale of hardness)
  • Optic Character: Anisotropic
  • Refractive Index (RI): 1.760 – 1.778.
  • Birefringence: 0.007 – 0.010.
  • Specific Gravity: 3.99 – 4.01

Mines: Sources and Origin of Yellow Sapphire

Currently, Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka are considered the best source of yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphires from Ceylon mines are called ‘Ceylonese or Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphires. But in recent times the price of Sri Lankan yellow sapphires have shot up exponentially, making Sri Lankan sapphires unaffordable for many. Due to this, people are now opting for yellow sapphires of Thai origin, also called Bangkok or Thailand yellow sapphire’. Bangkok yellow sapphires offer better color tone and quality in affordable range. Bangkok yellow sapphires are widely accepted these days as they are considered equally beneficial astrologically and are superior in over-all look. These Bangkok sapphires have slight treatments for enhancing their quality. The treatments can range from first degree to severe treatment level. Only first degree heating is acceptable in Yellow Sapphire. Severe Treatments like Glass Filling, Dying, are strictly prohibited as it alters the basic physical properties of the stone. If you buy Bangkok sapphire, You must ensure the stone has not undergone any treatment beyond slight heating of first degree. Always insist for Lab-report when you buy Yellow sapphire. The Lab Report should clearly mention the Origin and Treatments (if any). Shubh gems has a technical collaboration with Gemological and Jewellery Institute (GJI), India for the certification of gemstones. All our gemstones are Certified, Pure and Natural.

Pricing of Yellow Sapphire

Pricing of yellow Sapphire depends on its Color, Transparency, Luster and Cutting style. A Good Quality Yellow Sapphire should have prominent Yellow Color, fair transparency to allow light to pass through. A Good quality yellow sapphire should not look dull, it should have luster (shine) on its surface. Yellow Sapphire should be cut symmetrically in Oval, Rectangular, Cushion or Round shape. The most desirable shapes are Oval and Cushion. The Pricing depends a lot on the density of Inclusions and Type of inclusions. All natural gemstones have inclusions. But Less inclusions means better transparency, hence less included gemstones command higher prices. The Nature of inclusions also holds importance. Presence of Black spots, Knots or cracks brings down the price of Gemstones. It is so, because these kinds of inclusions are considered negative as per astrology. On the other hand, It also affects the appearance of the gemstone.
As per current market trend in India, The Price of a Gem-quality Yellow Sapphire should start at Rs 2000 per carat. Below that we can get only industrial-quality gems which would have black spots, cracks etc and hence priced so. If you get very good quality at lesser price, you should get cautious as it might be either a synthetic or Used Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire can range up to Rs 50000 per Carat (as per current trend in Indian market)


If you see a transparent and clear stone, there is a very fair chance that it is not real. All Natural gemstones have inclusions. Even the top-quality gemstones would have inclusions (although very less). Only synthetic (man-made) stones are free of natural inclusions (flawless).

Astrological Facts about Yellow Sapphire: Effects & Benefits

Yellow Sapphire is associated with Jupiter (Guru). It is a very powerful and beneficial stone. Jupiter can nullify the ill effects of other planets too. Yellow Sapphire can be worn by anyone as it does not have any side effects. Jupiter is the significator of Education, Career, Marriage and Children. Strong Jupiter ensures Good Education, Good lifestyle and Good family Life. A weak Jupiter can result in break in education, frequent job change, delay in marriage, Unhappy family life or delay in children. A person with weak Jupiter also faces financial stress and emotional instability. If you have any of the problems mentioned above, then you must wear yellow sapphire. People with Financial issues, or dis-satisfactory Professional life must wear Yellow Sapphire. As per western astrology, It is also the birthstone for people born in the month of November. It is lucky stone for people with Sagittarius and Pisces as Zodiac sign.

Procedure: Method of wearing Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire should be worn on Thursday, which is the day for Jupiter. It is worn in Index finger and should be made in Yellow metal- Gold or Panchdhatu (alloy). Men should wear it in Right hand while women can wear it in right hand or Left hand as per their choice. Yellow sapphire can also be worn as Pendant.

  • Day of Wearing Yellow Sapphire: Thursday
  • Metal for Yellow Sapphire: Gold or Panchdhaatu
  • Finger for Yellow Sapphire: Index Finger
  • Mantra for Jupiter: Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah

How to Buy Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

Shubh Gems deals in Certified Natural Yellow Sapphires and Yellow Sapphire Jewelry. We provide holistic gemstone solution. We specialize in customized designer Yellow Sapphire Jewelry like Rings, Pendants and Bracelets in different metals – Gold or Panchdhatu alloys. You can visit our Exclusive store at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. We have a wide range of Natural Yellow Sapphires from Ceylon, Srilanka and Bangkok, Thailand. Shubh Gems is a direct importer of Yellow sapphire from Srilanka and Thailand. Minimization of middlemen and agents allow us to provide best quality, hand-picked yellow sapphires at the best price to you.
We energize and activate the gemstone so that it gives best effect when worn for astrological benefits. We provide further guidance on after-care and maintenance of your gemstone jewelry.
We deliver our products all over the world. We provide Free shipping across India. Enjoy our secure and Fast Payment options and safe delivery services.

Article source:- http://shubhgems.in/yellow-sapphire

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