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How to Wear and how should wear Yellow sapphire stone

 Yellow sapphire is a stone of Jupiter's the planet of gods, however, it comes in many colors but the color of the most popular color of yellows sapphire stone is yellow.

This gem relates to the planet Jupiter, Jupiter has two zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. In the person's horoscope, the guru is suffering from inauspicious results and he is advised to wear yellow sapphire.

Yellow sapphire stone benefits
Benefits of wearing yellow sapphire
  • Wearing Yellow sapphire stone increase honor and respect.
  • Wearing it brings success in education and career. Wearing this gem has increasing interest in religion in the person.
  • If there are obstacles in marriage, then those people get benefit from wearing Pukraj ring.
  • Administrative powers, lawyers, judges, teachers and politicians hold special benefits from wearing Pokraj.
  • 6 People who are having Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces can wear a yellow sapphire and get success in children, education & money etc.
Who should not wear Yellow sapphire Stone?
  • Pukhraj stone should not wear with Emerald, Neelam, diamond, onyx and Cat’s Eye, otherwise, there is a loss in place of profit.

  • Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Bula, Capricorn and Aquarius people should not wear Pukhraj.

  • If Jupiter is not favorable then you should not wear the yellow sapphire stone.

Health benefits of yellow sapphire Stone
  • If your liver is not functioning properly and you are suffering from hepatitis, then you should wear yellow sapphire in Gold Ring

  • In diseases such as ulcers, arthritis, dyspines, heart disease, yellow sapphire is a very beneficial stone.

  • Yellow sapphire also beneficial in diseases such as fever, jaundice, spleen increases, semen rises, vaginal disorders, infestation and gas etc.

  • Substitutes of yellow sapphire stone are yellow topaz, citrine, yellow Agate.
Method of wearing Pukhraj  
  • Put yellow sapphire in a mixer of holy Ganga water and milk on Wednesday after bath.
  • Then next day after bath chant at least one garland of '' Oo Brah Brihaspate Namah '', and wear the yellow sapphire stone in index finger.
  • You can wear yellow sapphire between sunrise to 10:00 Am clock in the morning.
  • Never take non-veg and smoking on Thursday and Friday, otherwise wearing Pukhraj stone will not have any special benefits.

Yellow sapphire should not wear a without suggestion qualifying astrologer showing the horoscope and be aware that no gemstone should be worn on the advice of astrologer or Pandit, because the gem is a science, in which the entire legislation mentions how many gems and stones Who should hold. If you wear more carat than needed, there will be loss and if you wear less carat then there will be no benefit. 

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