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Yellow Sapphire Stone: Detail Information about yellow Sapphire

This precious yellow sapphire is the stone mercury Planet, which is called 'Pukhraj stone' in Hindi. This stone owned by Jupiter and is the third hardest gemstone after diamonds and rubies. It is predominantly yellow in colour but due to different geographical conditions, it is found in five different shades of yellow.

Best yellow sapphire

The best Pukhraj stone is considered a yellow one similar to lemon peel. Apart from this, turmeric yellow, saffron, gold color and yellow Pukhraj are its other colors. Yellow sapphire stone benefits in Hindi.

Yellow sapphire natural availability

Pukhraj stone also extracted from the mines as a crystal. Its mines are mainly in Russia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Afghanistan, Norway & Italy. But the best yellow sapphire is found in Brazil. Yellow sapphire is located in the Himalayan region of India.

Yellow Sapphire Stone: Lemon Yellow sapphire

Pukhraj is a silicate mineral consisting of aluminum and fluorine. Its formula is Al2SiO4 (F, OH) 2. Naturally, some impurities and liquid or gaseous substances are found in this gem. It has a hardness of 8 and a density of 6.53.

Qualities of yellow sapphire

There is a bright yellow colored gemstone which when looked at it looks like there is water inside it. This gem appears through but is not clear. It can remove the defects of the Guru.

Yellow sapphire astrological benefits:

Jupiter is a powerful planet. A good view of this planet makes a person rich and brings social respect, but if it gives the opposite, it gives very bad fruit. So not everyone can wear yellow sapphire. Before buying it, get a horoscope shown by a good astrologer. Wear yellow sapphire in these circumstances in the horoscope:

Who should wear yellow sapphire gemstone?
  1. People with Jupiter's planet Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant must wear natural Yellow sapphire.
  2. If Jupiter situated in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius or Capricorn in the horoscope then pukhraj should be worn.
  3. If Jupiter is present in any of the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius or Capricorn, wearing original Yellow sapphire is beneficial.
  4. If Jupiter is in Capricorn, then it should not be late to wear yellow sapphire.
  5. Wearing pukhraj is considered auspicious if Jupiter is in the ninth house, in the ninth house, in the 9th house, in the seventh house, in the seventh house, and in the fourth house by getting lucky.
  6. Yellow sapphire must be worn if Jupiter in the best house is placed in the sixth or eighth position of his house.
  7. Wearing pukhraj stone is beneficial even if there is a difference between Mahadasha of Brihaspati or Brihaspati in any Mahadasha.
  8. If there are obstacles in the marriage, then the factor of auspicious actions, wearing the Yellow sapphire stone of Jupiter, gets married soon.
  9. Wearing a pure yellow sapphire calms our mind and reduces bad thoughts.
Yellow sapphire

In the event of not buying yellow sapphire and not getting good yellow sapphire, you can wear yellow pearl, yellow zircon or goldfish as an alternative. 

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