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Benefits & how to wear Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam Stone)

Blue Sapphire stone is a very fast acting stone. It starts showing effect in about 24 hours. If the sapphire becomes auspicious for the wearer, then it can makes you a king from Pauper, and if it starts giving inauspicious effects, then it does not take long time to make you Pauper from king. Due to these powers of Neelam stone, astrologers recommend that before wearing Neelam, it should be checked whether it is lucky for you or not.

Whether Neelam is lucky for you or not: -

The common method for this is to keep the Blue sapphire under the pillow at bedtime. If you do not have nightmares at bedtime, health is normal and if there is no change in face, then understand that Neelam stone is auspicious for you. Wear it in a panchadhatu, silver or gold ring. If any of these problems arise, then do not forget to wear sapphire.  

How to wear Sapphire Gemstone

All instructions should be followed before wearing sapphire-

  1. Do not wear it at all without consulting astrology and confirm whether this blue sapphire is auspicious for you or not.
  2. If astrology has done yes to wear it, then only buy certified gemstone because the wrong gemstone can give inauspicious effects.
  3. After buying Blue Sapphire Stone it is important that in which metal it should be made. You can also wear sapphire in gold, silver or ashtadhatu.
  4. The effect of gemstone also depends on its weight. The higher the carat the sapphire is, the more effective it will be. By the way, you can wear blue sapphire from 3 carats to 6 carat.
  5. Saturday evening is the best time to wear Blue sapphire.
  6. Wear it only by immersing it in Ganges water and milk so that all its impurities are washed away.
  7. After the ring is cleaned, place it on a black cloth on which a Shani Yantra is made from Kumkum.
  8. Now the ring can be worn in the middle finger of right or left hand (according to gender). Men can hold it right while women can hold it in the left hand. The effect of neelam starts decreasing from about 4 and a half years to 5 years, so it is suggested to change it.
  9. Take care of the cleanliness of the ring daily and clean the dust and dirt on it.

Identification of real Blue Sapphire: -

  1. If your gemstone is certified, then see it in the light of day with the naked eye.
  2. An authentic gemstone can be marked with its color which is a perfect combination of desired color, tone and saturation. You need to know how the authentic gemstone appears under sunlight. Keep in mind its brightness. If it is shiny to the naked eye, the gemstone is fake.
  3. Try touching the Neelam gemstone, if it is hard to touch, it means that it is not real. The real identity of the sapphire gem is that it looks smooth on touch.
  4. Its shape should not be half-skewed but equal, if it is not, then it means that it is fake.
  5. Whenever you are going to buy Blue Sapphire, let me tell you that after looking carefully inside it, two layers appear. These two layers are parallel to each other. So while buying blue sapphire gem, keep in mind to see its different layers. You can look at the sunlight to see the layer. If you see yellow light from anywhere, then it is not a real sapphire.
  6. There are many gemstone that look like blue sapphire in the market but they do not have the same qualities and effects as sapphire. If your fingerprints are made on these gems, then understand that your gemstone is fake.
  7. It is transparent. The blue aura flashes when the light is over it.
  8. By buying lab-certified Blue Sapphires, you will be well aware of its effect.

Where to buy Neelam stone

Shubh Gems offers a wide range of 100% pure, natural and lab-certified astrological gems and rings. For more inquiries, visit our website https://shubhgems.com/ and live-chat with experts or Whatsapp or call: + 91-8010-555-111

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