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Coral Stone: increases confidence and courage

However hundreds of colourful gemstones are found from the sea. If there are some eminent names, some names have been given, but they are not so prevalent. Pearls and coral stone are mainly found in abundance in the sea. It also has an important gemstone coral, which is also an amazing stone. Wearing real and impressionable coral is always a person with courage. 

The gemstones of Mars describe coral stone as a symbol of energy, the wearing of which increases confidence, courage and strength. According to astrologers, there is no doubt that coral gemstone increases confidence and courage, but wearing coral can also be expensive for everyone. People of Mars are advised to wear coral.

Coral is the gem of Mars Explain that Mars is a factor of courage, strength and energy. On the other hand, if you want to wear coral, then to test the coral properly, drop a drop of water on the coral, then see that the water will not stop. If water stops on it, it is not real coral. 

 Wearing coral stone can also be expensive

There is no doubt that the beautiful gemstone coral boosts confidence and courage, but it can also be expensive for everyone to wear coral. If wearing coral gemstone without showing a birth chart, it can also lead to accident. 

Wearing coral without consulting anyone can cause a lot of problems. In this, the life of a person can be made, can make a woman even a widow, family feud, estrangement from family, and also cause defect in speech. Therefore, whenever you wear coral, get it made in an auspicious time and consult it with a qualified person and wear it in an auspicious time.

Some special things about coral gemstones by:

  1. Coral gemstone is extracted from the sea. moonga stone is actually meant for purification of the ocean, calming its heat.
  2. If a person has doubts, anger and fear, then the coral gem has the ability to keep away these problems, along with the coral gem calms the mind.
  3. If coral suit any person, then their anger is calmed, confidence will be awakened, help to cure blood related problems, the way coral purifies the sea, in the same way it also purifies blood, as well in this, you will also get benefits related to property, money related, brother and sister.
  4. Coral gemstones and pishti have been used in Ayurveda to strengthen bones and to cleanse blood, coral controls blood pressure.
  5. And on the contrary, if someone wears this gem forcefully without advice and its Mars is negative then anger increases completely, high blood pressure will be the problem, your property disputes will increase and you will not take the name of completion, Sister - will quarrel especially with aunt, will become harsh language, will increase the weakness of bones and stomach.
  6. For those who are deficient in phosphorus, calcium and anti-oxidant, coral gemstone gives benefits, if the upper and lower marshes in your hand are cut - torn, wide or buried then usually the coral gem is fine. Is, but you should wear moonga gemstones only after advice.
  7. If Mars is your main house, seventh, ninth or tenth house, then coral astrologer should wear it only after advice.
  8. If you get scared quickly, then coral gives benefits.
  9. If you’re Mars in the horoscope is bad, you usually get angry, and anger is sitting on your nose, there is trouble with dust, sunlight and smoke, if you bot take more medicine then do not wear coral.
  10. Your married life is getting spoiled due to Mars, Mars is the owner of seventh and eighth house, then moonga does not allow married life to succeed.

(Before taking any gemstone, please take advice from good astrology and just by reading the post here, please do not make up your mind to wear the gemstone because all the horoscopes are different too)


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