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How to Know the Actual Price of Blue Sapphire Stone?

Blue Sapphire gemstone is very beneficial. Neelam Ratna, which is the blessing of Saturn, is a life changing gem. Neelam Ratna is capable of giving you equal deity. Neelam Ratna is one of the most commonly worn gemstones due to its beneficial trend.

The price of Sapphire Gemstone is basically based on its quality. The assessment of quality depends on the following qualities of sapphire:

  • color
  • Transparency (lack of visibility / other corrections)
  • Shine
  • Cutting edge
  • Treatment using artificial measures
  • Origin of Sapphire
  1. Color: Sapphire is synonymous with blue. Sapphire color should be pure blue. Often the sapphire color is seen in beige or blackness. This affects the price of sapphire. The good blue color of sapphire increases the price of sapphire. On the other hand, the colorless sapphire which has the effect of purple, beige, blackness, drops the price of sapphire. Sapphires with such color are also not considered suitable for astrological effects. Badrang Neelam is also available in the market at a rate of Rs 500 - 600 per ratti. But they are neither useful for astrology work nor for jewelery. Good Blue Sapphire Price around Rs. starts at 4,000 Ratti.
  2. Transparency: If the gemstone does not have transparency, then it is not a gemstone but only a stone. It is a miracle of nature that only a few stones are made of stones. These gems keep the power of nature inside them and are capable of transferring energy. Transparency is a special feature of Sapphire. Due to the purity of other metals and minerals, sapphire lacks transparency. Transparency is a sign of purity of sapphires. The price of Neelam (opaque) is very low because such a sapphire is of no use to the knowledgeable person. This type of sapphire is purchased only due to lack of information. The price of such a clean sapphire is hardly Rs 200 - 300 per ratti. If the stone has some nice blue color then the price is Rs. 500 - 900 can be up to Rs. Astrologers should avoid this type of sapphire for use.
  3. Brightness: The quality of Sapphire increases manifold due to the shine of gemstones despite good color and transparency at times, sapphires fade. Good quality sapphires are found in glitter only. Sapphire appears to be lifeless due to a lack of shine. At the same time, if there is a glow in a sapphire, then the gemstone looks attractive from its liquidity and is also high for the astrological effect. Sapphire with good color, good transparency and brightness are priced at least Rs. Starts at Rs.6,000 per ratti. With the increase of these three qualities, the price of sapphire keeps increasing.
  4. Symmetry (excellent cutting): Sapphire has good color, good transparency, good brightness, but if its symmetry is not correct, then the price will be affected. The gemstone is carved with intricate measures to give good symmetry. The weight of the gemstone keeps decreasing during the polishing. Good symmetry is essential for the correct flow of energy. The curvature, clumpiness, shallowness or lack of geminal tip in the middle, indicates lack of symmetry. Due to lack of uniformity, the price of the gemstone falls. This type of sapphire is suitable for jewelery because once applied in jewelry, the gemstone will only be visible from above and it will be difficult to see its curvature. But for astrology, only sapphire gems are worn so that there is a steady flow of energy. Good quality identical sapphire starts at around Rs. 9,000 Ratti.
  5. Treatment using artificial measures: Low-quality gemstones are usually enhanced with artificial remedies. Over time, some techniques have been created in which even a sapphire of poor quality can make it look like a superior sapphire. These artificial remedies use high temperature, high pressure, chemicals and dye. Such gems are not considered useful at all. Often treated gemstones are sold as real. Paddy should be kept for such purposes. While buying gems, get only gems certified by the Gemstone Laboratory.
  6. Place of Origin of Sapphire: Place of Origin of Sapphire  (Neelam Stone price) Can be increased or decreased several times. The name of Sapphire in the name of Kashmiri Sapphire is Rs. 50, 000 ratti and can be many times more. There are many misconceptions behind it. Origin is not good or bad. The ratio of good gemstones is good in some areas. More gemstones are being extracted in such areas and gradually the name of the region spreads in the market. Over time the ratio starts to decline and some other place is found whose ratio is better than the previous area. Usually a mistake is made when people pay attention to the origin before quality. 

It is not necessary that every Kashmiri sapphire is very good. Or every celiac sapphire is without treatment. The identity of the gemstone is its own quality. The famous Heera Kohinoor has not come out of any well-known mine but Kohinoor has its own identity. Often, it is tried to show good quality gemstones by treating them poorly. Treatment of Sapphire Gemstone whether originating in Kashmir or Sri Lanka, will not be considered right. In today's time Ceylon, the Sapphire of Sri Lanka is considered the best. The sapphire of Kashmir was considered very good, but now Kashmiri food has been stopped for the last several decades. The Kashmiri Sapphire found in the market is either a used Kashmiri Sapphire or it is not a Kashmiri Sapphire at all.

Neelam of Ceylon Sri Lanka blue sapphire is in great demand today. Ceylon Sapphire is economical and pure. Seeing the quality, taking a good Ceylon Sapphire is the right decision. A good Ceylon Sapphire is around Rs. 5000 per ratti is available. According to the quality it is Rs. Up to 55,000 rattI can also go.

Avoid Thailand (Bangkok) Sapphire | this name is given to treated Neelam. Thailand (Bangkok) Sapphire costs around Rs 200 Ratti. There are many categories in this too. If nominal heat is used then the highest price of Bangkok sapphire is Rs. There can also be 4000 rattI. If the glass has been filled (glass-filling) or the artificial color has been filled, then 100 rupees can be the price.

Thailand (Bangkok) sapphires are not considered correct for astrological results. If there is a problem of budget, at most you can only take heat treated Bangkok Sapphire. Do not take glass-filling, dyed sapphire at all.

  1. Sapphire Reuse: Blue Sapphires that have been worn or extracted from jewelery become available at a lower price. The reuse of Blue sapphire is forbidden in astrology. According to astrology, one should never wear a gemstone taken by another person. By doing this, there is a possibility of side effects of the gemstone. But the buying and selling of worn-out gemstone in the market are very common. Often the jeweler buy the old gemstone or even takes back some of their sold gemstones, after deducting some price.

The process of buying and selling these old gemstone goes on. But for the customers who wear this gemstone for astrology, it is a harmful event-cycle. Be careful to avoid the used gemstones. An easy way of this is that you should never take a gemstone from a shopkeeper or Johri who is ready to take the gemstone back from you. The customer initially finds the plan exciting to listen to. The client feels that on completion of the work we will return the gemstone and some amount will be returned. But the person who takes the old gemstone from you, he must have taken the old one earlier than you and you too will get the old gem. No such fruit will be obtained from such a discarded gem. 

The purpose you are wearing will not fulfill the purpose, so what is the benefit of taking such a gemstone? Be cautious and take only unused gems. And wear the gemstone in the right process so that it gets its full fruits and the purpose of wearing it is fulfilled. Then what is the benefit of taking such a gemstone? Be cautious and take only unused gems. And wear the gemstone in the right process so that it gets its full fruits and the purpose of wearing it is fulfilled. Then what is the benefit of taking such a gemstone? Be cautious and take only unused gems. And wear the gemstone in the right process so that it gets its full fruits and the purpose of wearing it is fulfilled.

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