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Some easy steps to identify genuine Yellow Sapphire Stone

In astrology, Jupiter planet has been said to provide knowledge, wealth, honor, marriage and child happiness. Those whose Jupiter’s position is weak in horoscope have to face problems of respect and money again and again. Their education is also hindered. It has been said in astrology that the teacher should be strengthened to overcome the troubles in life due to the weakness of the teacher. For this, almost all astrologers advise wearing Guru's gemstone Pukhraj. It is considered good to wear the Guru's gem even when the Guru is auspicious.

Because of its ability to increase the auspicious results of the planet Guru, the price of Yellow sapphire is much higher than normal gems. Usually the starting price of Yellow sapphire stone in the market is 1 thousand per carat. On top of this, its price keeps increasing according to the quality of the Yellow sapphire. Many gem traders lure the customer by telling any yellow stone Yellow sapphire in the greed for more profit. So while buying Pukhraj, there is more possibility of cheating.

If you are thinking of buying Yellow sapphire, then the general information about identifying Yellow sapphire must be obtained. To test genuine Yellow sapphire, place cow's milk in a glass of glass. Put Yellow sapphire inside it. If the real Yellow sapphire is there, then in one to one and a half hours, the beam of Yellow sapphire will be seen from above.

When you are buying a Yellow sapphire, you will feel the weight by taking it in your hand. Genuine Yellow sapphire is smooth and clean. On pressing it with thumb and pinky, it falls away and falls away. The yellow sapphire looks dark yellow like a mustard flower. If the yellow color of Yellow sapphire is seen with greenness, such Yellow sapphire should not be taken at all. If Pukhraj is seen as granular or flaky, it should not be bought. On heating the top class Yellow sapphire on fire, it looks red like the sun setting in the middle.



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