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Do not make this mistake even while wearing Red Coral Stone

Astrologers often recommend wearing gems when a planet is weak in nine planets. But the gem will be able to show its positive effect only if it is worn according to the right rules. Gems also have negative effects. So what to do and what not to do while wearing gems, know here…

There are many instructions in astrology to wear gems. Only nine gems are worn more in gems. Ruby for the Sun, Pearls for the Moon, Coral for Mars, Panna for Mercury, Pukhraj for Venus, Diamond for Venus, Sapphire for Saturn, Onyx for Rahu and cat’s eye for Ketu.

But how will gemstone affect your life, it depends on how on what day and time you are wearing it.

When you wear a gemstone, take special care of what, so that the gemstone will give you auspicious results. Here are answers to many questions like when to change gems, whether gems should be put in milk or not ...

Do's and Don'ts while wearing Red Coral Stone

Do not put any gem in milk. Wash the ring once with water and wear it. Do not keep the gem in milk and keep it overnight. Many gems absorb milk and particles of milk dissolve the gems and distort the gems. For the satisfaction of your mind, you can touch the idol of your Goddess and wear it.

When should not wear gemstone

Wear gems, before wearing gems, see if there are 4, 9 and 14 dates. These dates should not be worn with gems. Also keep in mind that on the day you wear the gemstone, the moon in transit is not in 4,8,12 from your zodiac sign. Do not wear gems even on Amavasya, Eclipse and Sankranti.

Whichever direction the face should be kept while wearing red coral

Gemstone, you should always wear the gemstone in the morning before noon, facing the sun.

When should wear Moonga stone

Wear gems Moti, coral which is gems come from the sea, if wearing in Revathi, Ashwini, Rohini, Chitra, Swati and Visakha Nakshatra, it is considered auspicious. married women should not wear gems in Rohini, Punavasu, Pushya Nakshatra. If you wear gems in Revathi, Ashwini, Hasta, Chitra, Anuradha Nakshatra , then there is a special benefit.

When to change red coral stone

Gems among the 9 gems of the planets, the precious gems are never old except coral and pearl. The pearl should be replaced if it gets scratched and the coral gets scratched. Manikya, emerald, yellow sapphire, nymph and diamond are forever. They do not have a special effect of rubbing and scratching. There is no need to change them.

In which metal should you wear gems, wear
expensive gems in gold and you can wear cheap gems like pearl, coral and substitute in silver or cheap metal.

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