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Certified Gemstone Dealer in Delhi

Gemstone as Treatment and About Vedic Astrology

Gems have made lives of several individuals more pleased and more lucrative. Gemstones corresponding to vedic astrology and also with modern research relevance have both negative and positive effect on the wearer. Gemstones and Vedic astrology have an impact on every aspect of your respective life whether it is any. Gemstones can have remarkable results on us spiritually, emotionally, emotionally, actually, and financially. Actually wearing the correct gem does magic in resolving problems, helps to protect from wicked affects of planets and enhances their beneficial result. Worn as rings and pendants, gemstones can help us unlock our potential as humans by expanding our degree of consciousness, calming our stress levels, and infusing our dreams with healing energies.Gemstone Treatment

HOW to Select Best Gemstone?

Color gemstones are tools that can result in needed changes. They are able to protect, balance and strengthen, but you got to know when, where and the way to utilize them properly. Their effects can be powerful and hence they should be used under professional guidance. Of all ways of selecting gemstones the best and perfect method is selecting through one's date of birth, host to birth and time of birth, these details must be precise and helps evaluate through vedic astrology to predict one's future and suggest the right gemstone which would supply the wearer the best influence on their life.

Planets effect the destiny of your person through their distinctive volumes and their characteristics colorings. To be able to route the transforming ability of gemstones effectively, we've relatively knowledgeable experts to steer us concerning which stone to wear, whatever one will suit us and present best results.

We also focus on custom-made jewellery to meet your personal preferences and needs.


There are so many gemstones but only nine are believed as 'important gems' they are called 'nav ratnas'. These nine gemstones receive great importance in vedic astrology. These nine gemstones and planets they specifically are related to;

  1. Ruby Sun
  2. Diamond Venus
  3. Emerald mercury
  4. Yellow sapphire Jupiter
  5. Blue sapphire Saturn
  6. Gomeda Rahu
  7. Pearl Moon
  8. Cat’s vision Ketu
  9. Cdental Mars

Of most these gems, only pearl and coral are applied for from the sea, while cat's eye stone, gomeda, ruby,blue sapphire,yellow sapphire, emerald,are mined from the planet earth.

These gemstones should be occurring wedding rings or pendants to permit the planetary rays to go away through the jewel into the body.

Characteristics of every stones;

Gemstone colorings derive from extra added or caught atoms within the molecular composition of the rock. Atoms, which will make up all matter, produce vibrations. Therefore, humans, light, audio, minerals, and color emit vibrations made by their particular atomic make-up. Although each of them vibrates at different frequencies, nevertheless their vibrations connect to one another. Many people don't understand that colour is a kind of energy, the one that you perceive with your eyes but that also exists and influences you on many levels aside from the visual. When light goes by through the prism, a rainbow of seven colorings appears, each projected ray has a particular wavelength and vibration. The cheapest and longest vibration on the spectrum is red, which is accompanied by shorter rays of orange increasingly, yellow, green, blue and indigo, ending with violet this is the highest frequency-vibrating colour. The rays on the low end of the variety have earth-oriented properties and are associated with physical world energies such as self-survival and preservation, self-worth, sexuality, and courage. The upper-spectrum colors correspond to the greater areas of unconditional love, communication and religious enlightenment.

We are ornamented by a "sea of energy" which is unseen, boundless and in perfect order. This energy is named "Prana" in the Hindu traditions and "Chi" in the Chinese language tradition. We can in the end affect the health of our physical bodies, as well as our mental, mental, and religious states, by changing the power field adjoining the physical body. Gemstones may be used to augment chakra energies by acting as amplifiers when brought into connection with the body. By spinning at different rates of speed, the chakras release energies and complete our anatomies with treasured life forces. Our chakras will often become blocked however; thereby their rotation decreases, which disrupts our body's energy system. The usage of natural gemstones can balance these energy details, building up the aura and promoting health, pleasure, well-being, and success.

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