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  • How to Become Successful Diamond Traders

    02 March 2017 ( #Diamond )

    Gemstones can be bought for 50 % the purchase price a shop is paid by you. Therefore, there's a lot of cash that may be manufactured in the diamond-trading business. Before engaging in the business you will need to ensure you are designed for actually...

  • Information about the Labradorite Stone

    01 June 2017 ( #labradorite )

    Labradorite is a gemstone that was named after Labrador in Canada, where it was found on the Isle of Paul, near Nain in 1770. It has since been found in other places, including Finland, Madagascar, and Australia. After its discovery, labradorite became...

  • Blue Sapphire Stone Price Guide

    21 July 2017

    Blue sapphire stone is the main one of the very most popular nowadays. The wonder of blue sapphire is so that it creates a puzzle about itself. The term sapphire originates from the Latin phrase "saphirus", signifying blue. Its record goes back to 800...

  • Health Benefits of Wearing Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstones (New)

    04 October 2018

    Natural Blue sapphire gemstones are one of the finest with fabulous and stunning appearance. Best benefits to reduce and fight against health-related problems few are discussed below: Malefic Saturn influences Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn,...

  • Blue Sapphire (Neelam) stone benefits

    11 May 2019

    Gemstones are always fascinating and in Regards about Blue Sapphire Gemstone, you want to know that it has a great Vedic and Astrological importance in human's life. This sapphire is regulated by Planet Saturn so individuals who want to find the benefits...

  • How to Know the Actual Price of Blue Sapphire Stone?

    10 January 2020

    Blue Sapphire gemstone is very beneficial. Neelam Ratna, which is the blessing of Saturn, is a life changing gem. Neelam Ratna is capable of giving you equal deity. Neelam Ratna is one of the most commonly worn gemstones due to its beneficial trend. The...

  • Know the benefits of emerald gemstone, when and who should wear it!

    30 March 2020

    This green color emerald stone is worn to keep clam planet Mercury. It is called Marakat Mani in Sanskrit language and known as panna stone in Hindi. Wearing this gemstone has many benefits, but not everyone can wear it. So let us tell you the special...

  • How to Evaluate Diamond Color & Clarity

    02 March 2017

    Diamond color is one of four major characteristics that are believed when deciding a diamond's quality and value. These are known as the Four Cs, and the rest of the three are precious stone clarity, Diamond chop, and precious stone carat weight. Understanding...

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