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Know the benefits of emerald gemstone, when and who should wear it!

This green color emerald stone is worn to keep clam planet Mercury. It is called Marakat Mani in Sanskrit language and known as panna stone in Hindi. Wearing this gemstone has many benefits, but not everyone can wear it. So let us tell you the special things related to Panna stone, when, how and who should wear panna stone it. Apart from this, we are going to tell you about the benefits of wearing Panna stone…

Who should wear the emerald gemstone

According to astrology, people whose Mercury planet is moving in a bad direction, should wear a gemstone. By wearing emerald stone to remove the Mahadasha of Mercury, auspicious results are obtained in life. According to astrology, if Mars, Saturn and Mercury including Rahu or Ketu are situated in the same house in the horoscope, then wearing these gems is considered very good. Wearing this gem protects you from the bad effects of these planets. Not only this, in whose horoscope the lord of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th house is in the 6th house, wearing Panna stone is beneficial.

When and how to wear emerald stone

  • One should wear Panna stone only on Wednesday. If Ashlesha, Revathi or Jyestha, Nakshatra is considered better then on this day.
  • This gem should be worn in the morning, but remember that before wearing it, put it in a bowl in the raw milk of the cow and put it in the temple and then after clean this gem with Ganga water, wear this stone before 10 am.
  • According to astrology, emerald gemstone is worn only on the little finger.

Benefits of wearing emerald gemstone

Panna gem is considered auspicious. Wearing this stone will increase wearer luck. Person whose mind works less should wear this gem. Wearing it brightens one's mind and makes one more inclined to study. Apart from this, people who are troubled by serious diseases, if they wear it, then their disease can cure. This gem is considered perfect for the eyes. It is also said that if the eyes are washed with water after putting it in water, then the diseases related to the eyes are eradicated.

Take care of it

You have to take special care that you wear the emerald only when astrology advises you to wear this gemstone after seeing your horoscope. Do not wear this gemstone on your own even by mistake.


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